Welcome to https://phillipjablonski.wordpress.com/

I had another website a long time ago but it was shut down because of a conflict between my great best friend Chris and two assholes.

The gentleman running this website for me is Jonathan Hawk. He has my authority to run this website and the authority to post all of my writings, drawings, and photographs I mail him. Also the authority to sell my drawings to those interested in purchasing said drawings.

I am going to set this website up for people interested in following and reading about my past life and crimes and my life on San Quentin Death Row. I’ll try to post daily updates on what is happening in my life and on Death Row.

8 comments on “About

  1. Great site. I just started a correspondence with Phill. In his latest letter to me he mentioned this site. Cool guy and he can tell a story like I’ve never heard. I sent him a drawing of John Wayne. He loved it. Keep up the site, it’s fantastic;)


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