Pen Pals Wanted

JablonskiDeathRowPHILLIP JABLONSKI C-02477 1EB66

I ask for your indulgence ladies, bisexual and straight. I promise to be as brief as possible. Allow me to introduce myself. Death Row Teddy Bear seeking open-minded bisexual or straight males and females for unconditional blunt correspondence on a mature and honest level. Someone who has a caring heart to carry a special friendship built from the heart. Let’s share our thoughts and feelings, good and bad, as we learn about one another freely and watch the growth of our friendship bloom like a rose. Let our friendship bloom like a rose. Let our friendship be strong as a castle wall which can’t be broken. A loving heart is worth more than a mountain of gold. Love to communicate on any subject or issue. Love cats, horses, dolphins, birds, and foxes. I like history, reading, professional artist, amateur poet, write, award winning essay and artist. Please don’t just sit there and think that someone else will write because if everyone is sitting there, thinking the same thing, then no one will write to me and brighten up my boring day. Please don’t let the knowledge I am a serial killer, and my situation, stop you from writing me. Pick up your pen and pay me a visit. Any ethnicity or age. I guarantee I will make a speedy reply to all letters received.

Send all letters to:

Phillip Jablonski C-02477 1EB66

San Quentin State Prison 94964

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