A Rape / Murder Story

Disclaimer: 18+ Adults Only

“Now I’ll tell you a rape / murder story. I watch the Super Bowl every year. It played in El Paso, Texas at the University of El Paso. It brings back memories. Like how I tried to murder my first wife. I believe I told you that story. Also how I raped my second wife on our first date. I also believe I told you that story. If I have never told you those stories, let me know.

See, I would take my date to a lover’s lane overlooking the University of El Paso while the others were kissing, hugging, fondling their dates, my date was sucking me, or I was fucking her or sodomizing her.

See, I was on the run from killing my third wife and raping a house wife and her infant daughter and toddler son, leaving her for dead, but she survived.

I was driving down the main street of El Paso, when I picked up a woman hitchhiker. When she got in my car she didn’t  know she was getting in the Car of Death.

I gave her a tour of El Paso since I was stationed in the Army.

I took her to the canyon where I raped my second wife and lured her to an isolated field. I had a .22 caliber rifle in the trunk of my car and told her I wanted to do some target practice. She didn’t know she was going to be one of my targets.

I set up some tin cans and we shot at them. Then she got bored and stood in front of the dirt mound with her back facing me. I took careful aim and slowly pulled the trigger and the bullet hit her in the back of the head. She spun around and looked her killer in the eyes before falling over onto her back.

I walked up to her and she was dead. Her whole face was completely purple.

I pulled her off the mound. The ground helped me strip her. Her blouse came off first, then her bra, revealing large breasts. When I pulled her a fair distance from the mound I stripped her the rest of the way. I rolled her over and was going to sodomize the slut, but she looked like she had shit her pants, so I drug her between two mounds and left.

I had popped out her eyes and severed her nipples and eaten them. I went through her belongings and found $50. In a sense, she paid me for murdering her.

She was just 20 years-old and was from Florida. I had her bra and panties as a souvenir.

I drove to the lover’s lane overlooking the University of El Paso. To the lover’s lane I know.

There was a young girl standing there looking down at the University with her back to me. I was parked across from her & had the rifle on the seat of my car. I picked it up, took careful aim, & hit her in the back of the head. She slid down the stone wall. I walked up to her. She was still alive. She said, “Please! Don’t kill me!”

I stripped her and bent her over the wall & sodomized her. I then picked up my rifle and shot her in the back of the head and threw her over the wall and into a deep ravine. When she went over the wall, she looked like she was flying.

I picked up her clothes and my gun and stuffed them in the trunk of my car, along with the bra and panties from my last victim, and drove back to California.”

-Phillip Carl Jablonski

San Quentin State Prison

Death Row

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